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Who we are

NEEMA (pronounced Nema), which means God's GRACE in Swahili, is a Non-Profit Organisation committed to empowering and creating awareness about deaf and hard-of-hearing people; particularly women, youth and children.

Women, youth and children are generally vulnerable across the world, this is significantly worse when they are deaf or hard-of-hearing. They are faced with enormous challenges, ranging from attaining an education, starting a business or obtaining employment, remarkably preventing their economical and social independence.

In an attempt to close this gap, the Neema Foundation was formed with a view of making a meaningful difference in their lives by providing platforms, tools and mechanisms that help deaf and hard-of-hearing people, especially women and youth to be actively involved in the economical of the African continent.


To ensure that deaf and hard of hearing women, youth and children have equal access to education, are empowered through skills development programmes and are adequately positioned across the African continent.


To enhance the lives of deaf and hard of hearing women, youth and children across the African continent.


Noting how extensive the disability is in the community, the Neema Foundation has specifically been formed to address the vulnerability of deaf and hard of hearing women, youth and children, without limiting access to those of other disabilities, through the following objectives and focus areas:

- Raise awareness around the human rights of deaf and hard-of- hearing persons with a fundamental focus on women, youth and children.

- To uplift the social and economic status of deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

- To conduct training programmes, capacity-building and awareness programmes for women, youth and children.

- Create entrepreneurship activities to provide skills development and income generation for women and youth.

- To provide health nutrition services for deaf women, youth and children

- Provide support services for abused deaf women, youth and children.

- Enhance existing school programmes for senior secondary scholars with specific areas of focus such as winter schools for matriculants as well programmes and platforms to guide career paths specifically for deaf learners, as well conduct mentoring to deaf learners.

- Create support groups with the aim of giving assistance to members of the families of deaf children/youth.

- Create family and social activities that promote inclusion in predominately hearing communities whilst promoting Sign Language as medium of communication.

- To provide an environment that promotes successful inclusion of deaf persons.


@the table- Exclusive Women's Event for Person with Disabilities

Date: 20 th August 2019

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3rd Annual Silent Walk

Date: 28 th September 2019.
The #SilentWalk&Run is a unique way of bringing

together the general public, Government, business and the deaf community to commemorate the Annual International Week of The Deaf.